You're Hired -The Basics of Customer Service

The Competitive Edge Today Comes From Knowing Customer Needs

With the amount of employee turn-around in the customer service industry the smart employer has turned to video training tools to cut costs without sacrificing training effectiveness. This video series can be used in a workshop setting or by a single employee setting their own pace. It effectively communicates what employers want to get across to new employees (see below) and it helps those young people to progressively improve skills that generate more repeat business.

YOU'RE HIRED - The Basics of Customer Service

Comprised of seven Modules running 50 minutes in total, YOU'RE HIRED includes a Discussion Guide and Handout Photocopy Masters, which are both free for you to download.


"The first video outlines what customer service means, then the modules look at problem-solving in a variety of situations - dealing with difficult people, coping with your boss, the meaning of teamwork, handling objections and complaints. But they also illustrate three kinds of less-than-top notch service. One module is about airhead service - lots of enthusiasm but little product knowledge. Another looks at indifferent service. And a third talks about 'by-the-book' service typified by a lack of flexibility about what can be done for a customer." - Melanie Collison, Consumer Finance Section, Calgary Herald

"The video.... has been produced by very experienced people. The content is appropriate for its intended audience.... Recommended." - Canadian Library Association Review

"I am very impressed with the high quality of production. The lessons learnt can readily be put into practice. This video is informative, educational and entertaining - an excellent learning tool for Youth Employment Centres in particular." - Henrietta Christmas, Job Opportunities for Youth, Toronto, Ontario

"Excellent series, especially for students preparing to enter the job market. The modules do address most of the customer service situations that young people usually must handle, but too often, do so ineffectively or with a poor attitude. This series would definitely help" - Lina Ingraham, Duval County School Board, Jacksonville, Florida



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