Michael Witta directed two feature films and many acclaimed stage and television productions before coming to Canada in 1975 as a refugee from St. Petersburg, Russia. Directing credits in Canada include his stage productions of Chekhov's "THE BEAR", "THE PROPOSAL", and "WARD SIX", Shaw's "HOW HE LIED TO HER HUSBAND" and O'Casey's "THE END OF THE BEGINNING" that he later adapted and directed for television . Michael has written four feature film screenplays, "BEFORE SUNSET", "DON QUIXOTE", "THE NAKED EMPEROR", and "BOGUS" (the latter two have been optioned).

Since 1991, Michael has written and directed all of Triune's 'edu-tainment' productions which are distributed worldwide and highly praised for their dramatic and comic value. Hundreds of actors, writers, directors and filmmakers have participated internationally in master level workshops conducted by Michael (including the Equity Showcase Professional Development Program in Toronto). He has also taught at York University's Theatre and Film Departments, in particular, a highly acclaimed acting and directing course for filmmakers.

Michael acts as Creative Producer/ Director on film and tape productions for Triune, including the award-winning "A LAUGHING MATTER", a 1/2 hour family comedy for broadcast, now in distribution.

"I have known Mr. Witta for many years. He is a talented, hard-working and extremely committed theatre and film director. His training was in the Soviet Union and anyone who is familiar with theatre and film training in that country knows very well that the standards are extraordinarily high and the competition enormous. Anyone trained within their arts system is recognized world-wide as an artist with the tools to move effectively and skillfully. Mr. Witta showed me that when I hired him to teach courses in the Theatre and Film Departments at York University. He excited his students and produced work of very high calibre."

Don Rubin, Executive Editor, World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre and Chairman, Theatre Department, York University

"Michael is a very dedicated and well organized director. We were very impressed with his workmanship and many of our staff were pleased to work with him."

Kevin M. Shea, CanWest - Global TV


Credits include:

"A Laughing Matter" 16mm half hour drama/comedy

(Selected for screening at film festivals in Melbourne, Cairo, Boston, Chicago and Dallas where it was invited an unprecedented two times. Winner of the Silver Apple Award at the National Educational Film and Video Festival, Oakland CA)

"...an offbeat and hilarious fairy tale about an unhappy middle class "princess" and how she is made to laugh. An exceptionally endearing performance from Nelson, her prince ... add to the fresh simplicity of this unique and engaging allegory on the importance of maintaining one's own culture. "
Ann Turner, Melbourne International Film Festival

"...there is a freshness about this film that is very appealing... the actor who plays Nelson does a wonderful job. Good characters... nice use of music...a top contender"
Golden Gate Jury Evaluation, San Francisco International Film Festival

"Key to Freedom" 35mm Theatrical PSA

(Produced for for Amnesty International, screened theatrically and broadcast internationally.)

" Triune did in thirty seconds what we have been trying to do in two minute spots for years, They've said what Amnesty International is all about "
Peter Larson, Amnesty International U.S.A

You're Hired" Series

(Distributed worldwide.)

" Congratulations ... I thought the quality was great. The situations were very real and the acting top notch. Hard to find anymore.
Mike Collins, Film Ideas, Illinois

"I am very impressed with the high quality of production. This video is informative, educational and entertaining "
Henrietta Christmas, Job Opportunities for Youth, Toronto
"Resolving Conflict Creatively" Series

(Honorable Mention, Columbus International Film & Video Festival. Distributed worldwide.)

"... A very effective production device invites the viewer to invest personal feelings with the role play scenarios. The conflict reenactments are believable and instructive. The closing scene regarding a tense family mediation is worth the price of admission."
National Institute of Dispute Resolution (NIDR), Washington, DC

"Thought-provoking. Presented in a highly original way which holds (the) viewer's attention. "Healing Circles" was touching and brings up (the) important question of healing rather than just punishment."
Rebecca Iverson, Community Boards, San Francisco

The memory of the "Healing Circle" video still invokes a strong emotional response."
Troy Bolton, Community Development, Operation Springboard, Scarborough

" The video sketches were all excellent, very true to life."
Zena Zumeta, Ann Arbor Mediation Center, Michigan

" You have covered a lot of territory in a thorough and entertaining manner..
Elizabeth White, Executive Director, St. Leonard's Society

" I felt that the scenarios were good and well acted out. "
Tim Hicks, Resolve Mediation Service, California

"...the dramas are realistic and entertaining. "
Gary Sova , Special Education Dept., Winnipeg School Division No 1.

Credits include:

"The Bear" & "The Proposal" (by A. Chekhov) Tarragon Theatre

"...Minor Chekhov but both are winners. The ensemble works remarkably well together ... They fit smoothly into the broad spirit of farce that director Michael Witta brings to the plays..."
William MacVicar, Globe and Mail

"I saw Michael Witta's production... I was extremely taken with his interpretation of these plays, especially with the way he allowed them to be at once farcical and poignant. He caught for me what I felt to be the essence of Chekhov's art, and in that respect, his work was an eye-opener.."
Bill Glassco, Artistic Director, Tarragon Theatre

"Ward Six" (by A. Chekhov) Bathurst Street Theatre

"Harrowing tale's intimacy saved. It effectively conveys the basic, essential spirit of Chekhov's story.."
David McCaughna, Toronto Star

"Chekhov's brilliant story is effectively turned into drama"
Richard Lawrence, The Varsity

"The Three Lives of Adam" (by A. Aizenstadt) Crest Theatre

"The Three Lives of Adam... was another eye opener...the concept of this play is striking ... the acting for the most part is very good"
Brian Master, CHUM FM, Toronto

"Motley Tales" (Adapted from A. Chekhov's short stories) Onstage '81: The Toronto Theatre Festival

"The Wedding" (by A. Chekhov) in Russian, Multicultural Theatre Festival

As an Acting / Directing Instructor:

Equity Showcase Theatre
International Stanislavsky-Meyerhold Symposium (New York, NY)
Acting and Directing for Filmmakers (York University, Toronto)
University of Toronto
Black Experimental Theatre

Plus many film, theatre and television credits in Russia prior to 1973.


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