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"... an all-round great romp of a book, a wonderful and uproarious whodunit with a magnificently convoluted plot and a cast of characters to die for." (Ottawa Sun)


Compelled by their guilty consciences, law firm partners race to solve 'whodunit' before it's too late with tragic-comic results.


As one sleazy lawyer after another is murdered, the partners of a prominent legal firm conspicuous for successfully defending a long list of shady clients, become paranoid of being marked for
the next assassination. Together with a recently acquired articling student, they race to solve the mystery of the identity of the "Executor" (the Sword of Justice) before its too late. It turns out that all the assaults on lawyers have been committed for reasons not quite pertinent to their agonizing presumptions.

As this entertaining "whodunit" unfolds, viewers will enjoy these uproarious characters in peculiar circumstances and will also discover some very disturbing truths about lawyers and the law.

More praise for William Deverell's book;

"a bitingly funny whodunit"

" a smart, witty book with great characters and a clever plot"
(Globe & Mail)

" a humorous crime story filled with sex, sleaze and some of the most unsavory members of the legal profession you could ever hope not to meet... Deverell has created a fascinating cast, none of them one-sided"
(Star Phoenix)

" a witty, fast-paced new novel .... an indiscreet and entertaining mystery that will add to the authors reputation as one of Canada's finest mystery writers"
(Montreal Gazette)

"William Deverell: battling for shelf space with Grisham, Rice & Ludlum"
(Edmonton Journal)

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