Selected Testimonials:

"Postcards" (AirMiles) - Eight minute training video for Loyalty Management Group

" The results are terrific! ...The video has been distributed and incorporated into the training program by many Sponsors. You did it! You did it on time! And you did it right!"
- Claudio Rodrigues, Loyalty Management Group.

"Dialogue on International Development" - half hour documentary.

" This film elaborates on several criteria deemed essential for ensuring effective development projects ... An absorbing film that will stimulate those concerned about the quality and outcome of projects to aid the developing world "
- Landers Film and Video Review

"A Laughing Matter" - half hour family comedy

"...an offbeat and hilarious fairy tale about an unhappy middle class "princess" and how she is made to laugh. An exceptionally endearing performance from Nelson, her prince ... add to the fresh simplicity of this unique and engaging allegory on the importance of maintaining one's own culture. "
- Ann Turner, Melbourne International Film Festival

"The Road To Recovery" - Ten minute patient information video for Eli Lilly Canada

" The patient information video has been exceptionally well received by the medical community. To date we have had a number of physicians call in to comment on the excellent quality and content of the video and request extra copies.."
- Karen von Zitzewitz, Eli Lilly Canada

"You're Hired" - seven modules on basic customer service for youth

"I am very impressed with the high quality of production. The lessons learnt can readily be put into practice. This video is informative, educational and entertaining - an excellent learning tool for Youth Employment Centres in particular."
- Henrietta Christmas, Job Opportunities for Youth, Toronto, Ontario

"Diversion and Transformation" - two hour episode from the Resolving Conflict Creatively series

"WOW! What a delightful and engaging illustration of restorative justice principles and practices in Canada! I especially liked the comprehensive scope of the videos."
- Susan L. Stacey, Restorative Justice Associate Planner, Minnesota Department of Corrections.

... and many more available upon request.