Bullying in Schools – Preview

Bullying in Schools – An Effective Anti-Bullying Resource – Two DVDs
“Six Methods of Intervention” and “Healing Circles”, each contain additional information and discussion guides for use in a classroom or workshop setting.

Bullying in schools is a common problem among children in school and causes immense distress to all those affected by an incident – stakeholders include both victims and offenders, their peers, parents and the wider community. These two videos are designed for the whole school community and are effective tools in Anti-Bullying Programs

Dr. Ken Rigby presents “Six Methods of Intervention”, where he gives clear, practical guidance , showing the advantages and weaknesses of each method – The Disciplinary Approach, Restorative Justice, Strengthening the Victim, Student Mediation, The Support Group Method, The Method of Shared Concern.

The award-winning video, “Healing Circles”, presents a restorative justice model which is adaptable to the needs of distinct communities and will help build support and increase participation in Anti-Bullying Programs.