About Triune

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Triune Arts is a non-profit charitable organization incorporated in 1981 with a mandate to “develop a permanent ensemble of actors and directors through workshops and stage/screen productions, and thereby to develop the dramatic arts in Canada.” Since 1990, our focus has been to develop educational resources on a variety of subjects, including international development issues, youth employment training, cross-cultural communication and, more recently, alternative dispute and conflict resolution. We have been distributing those resources worldwide since 1995. See them on Triune’s YouTube Channel

While our work is national and international in scope, Triune Arts is a small charity of Ontario based members who discount or donate their professional services. We receive generous discounts and donations from suppliers to the film, theatre and video industry as well as grants from the public and private sectors. Income is generated through tuition from workshops, events and from distribution of film and video productions.

A key feature of our educational approach is to involve those most directly concerned with an issue in the development of materials. Our constituents are the participants in our videos, the end-users of our resources — teachers, youth, facilitators, social workers families — and the providers of expertise in terms of content. We provide the creative model and technical expertise needed to develop high quality resources. This alternative approach ensures that our programs are both educational and highly entertaining.

As it looks forward to its thirty-seventh year of operation, Triune Arts continues to specialize in developing film, video, multimedia, music and theatre related projects and developing communications skills for professionals.

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Past Support

Triune Arts is grateful for the generous support it has received from the following organizations:

  • Canadian Independent Film and Video Fund
  • Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Recreation and the Ministry of Education and Training
  • Canadian Independent Film and Video Fund
  • Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Recreation and the Ministry of Education and Training
  • Grenville Community Futures Development Corporation
  • Levi Strauss & Co. (Canada) Inc.
  • McCarthy Tetrault Foundation
  • Multiculturalism and Citizenship Canada
  • Non-Theatrical Production Fund of The Department of Communications, Canada
  • Ontario Arts Council
  • Ontario Film Development Corporation
  • Palette Productions
  • The Department of Justice Canada
  • The Hospital for Sick Children Foundation
  • The Jackman Foundation
  • The George Lunan Foundation
  • The Network: Interaction for Conflict Resolution
  • The Ontario Trillium Foundation
  • The Union Bank of Switzerland
  • The University of Toronto

and the following individuals:
Robin Campbell, Anthony Sloan, Rosalind Whalley, Daniel Peat, Rafael Goldchain, Steve Raiman, George Gooderham, Howard Sinclair-Jones, Michael Hardy, Ben Haines, Ross Kerr, Rob Garrard, Sal Greco, Pam Barry, David Caldwell, Tom O’Neill & Tina Moffat, Franz Wong, Mackenzie Gray, Michael Witta, John D. Barclay and John W.N. Barclay.

Organization (“the fine print”)

Triune Arts is a non-profit organization incorporated under Part II of the Canada Corporations Act on October 23, 1981 and continued under the new Not-for-profit Corporations Act (NFP Act) on Januray 23, 2015. Effective January 1, 1983, the organization became officially registered as a charity (Charitable Registration #11927 1559 RR0001). Per a confirmation from the Minister of Employment and Immigration, dated September 12, 1983, the charity was officially recognized as an Educational Institution under section 60 (f) (iv) of the Income Tax Act of Canada.

Mailing Address:
1804 Bedell Road
RR #5
Kemptville, Ontario
Canada K0G 1J0